How to Keep Your Doggy Companion Cool in the Summer

Finally, summer time is here!

We bet you are excited that you and your furry friend can have so much fun outside now!

With so much to see and enjoy, nicely taking care of your pet can help him have a good time despite the harshness of the weather.

Allow him to experience the joys of summer by following these tips to keep your friend safe and cool!


Keep a lot of water with you to ensure your dog has sufficient water intake throughout the day. Are you wondering what’s the best way to do it?

Just place a wide-mouthed, collapsible water bowl and keep replenishing it with cold water. Do make sure your effort does not go waste and your furry friend has the water at regular intervals. Too much panting is an indication that he should rest sometime in the shade and drink water.

Play in Water

One awesome way to keep your furry friend cool is to make him do water activities. He stays happy, excited and fully hydrated! Swimming and other types of water games are great.

Check out the play options in advance and make sure they are available for your friend. Do remember to have enough towels for the play though!

Avoid Middle of the Day

The best way to figure out if the heat is bearable is to check it yourself. In the hotter days, avoid the midday hours if it seems too hot for you too.

Keep your dog indoors or in the shade and do not take him out in the midday hours. No walks on the hot asphalt are advised in the hot summer, lest his paws get burnt! Having a lot of water will help to cool his body from the inside.

Avoid parked cars

Parked cars are to be avoided at all costs. No one should allow a dog to stay in parked cars for any length of time. Parked cars can reach temperatures of 80°F-100°F.

Did you say the car is locked and the windows cracked? Well, what if you come to know that cars parked in direct sunlight can even cause damage to his organs or be fatal.

Avoid dog houses

Dogs should be outside the dog house when its too hot as the dog houses are susceptible to trapping heat inside and blocking air flow.

Another excellent way to keep your dog cool is to add an ice cube to the water bowl. He will probably love it given the hot weather!

Understand Signs of Heatstroke

Heat hazard is the biggest hazard for anyone in the summer.

A dog who is very young, old or struggling to be in good health needs to have extra care. Take care of the below heatstroke signs:

  • Too much salivating and panting
  • Visible discomfort
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Feeling of disorientation
  • Seizures
  • Staggering

Act fast and inform a veterinarian if any of the above the heatstroke signs are visible.

Giving your friend enough water and moving him to a cooler environment can immensely help.

Things To Help Cope Him Better

What should you do once your friend is feeling the heat?

  • Give him a wet towel to lie down.
  • Regularly put ice cubes in his water bowl.
  • Make him play in a wide-mouthed, wading pool.
  • Keep him in the shade.
  • Increase the quantity of canned food in his diet.
  • Use booties to keep his paws insulated and avoid hot pavements.
  • Prefer early morning and late evening time to play and exercise.
  • Use homemade ice
  • Place fans near your pet.
  • Go ahead with the cooling process gradually and not suddenly to avoid shock.
  • Freeze a chew toy which will become a chilly

Pet grooming is also important here. Get rid of long hair with tangles and mats. Doing this will keep him cool and put him at ease.

Shaving or clipping his coat should be done after you take the vet’s or groomer’s recommendations.

Maintain his shots and take him to the vet on a regular basis. Do take care to avoid pests and critters which may have rabies.

Since the summer season is famous for diseases, keep him away from fleas and mosquitoes which are carriers of worms and associated diseases.

Some Breeds Adapt Well with The Weather

Thin coat dogs adapt well to the summer heat. These are Dalmatians, Beagles and Chihuahuas.

Thick coated dogs need more time to adjust and are never entirely comfortable in the heat.

Fast hounds are also good in the summer. They have big lungs and long noses to make them feel better and adapt to the heat. Their body ensures decent oxygen circulation.

Dogs with short and small nasal passages like Boston terriers, pugs and bulldogs can feel very uncomfortable in the heat.

Older, diabetic and obese dogs also require more attention in the summer heat.

So, when you and your cute four-legged friend head out in this summer, remember these valuable tips to keep him cool outside!!

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