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  • 8 Dog Breeds with Long Nails: Understanding Their Unique Characteristics

    Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique features and characteristics. One such characteristic that sets certain breeds apart from the rest is their nails. While some dogs have short, trimmed nails, others have longer, more prominent nails that require special attention and care. In this blog post, we will take […]

  • Low Maintenance Dogs: 8 Dog Breeds With Bare Minimal Grooming Needs

    We cannot stress the importance of grooming your canine friend.   Apart from making a dog look good, adequate grooming keeps your pet’s health in check.  It controls parasites, odours and keeps their skin and nails healthy and germ-free. Many pet parents prefer having dogs with minimal grooming and maintenance needs. Grooming is just one of the […]

  • Why Your Dog’s Mood is Affected by Weather Changes

    Have you noticed changes in your dog’s mood shifts with the changes in the weather conditions? Just as humans are affected by heat, cold and storms, bad weather often affects dogs too. Once you understand this, you can enable your furry friend to cope up with the weather in a much better way. Grey skies, […]