8 Funny gifts for dog lovers

Dogs have an important place in our lives and homes. They are more than pets, they are sporting companions, friends, service animals and security officers. As such, there are many dog owners and dog lovers in our social circles. If you have a dog-loving friend or family member, it can be difficult to know what to get them for a birthday or special occasion. There are many original funny gifts you can consider for a dog lover. Read on for more insights on some of the most hilarious and helpful gifts you can give the dog lovers in your life. 

1. Dog lion mane

One of the funniest gifts you can buy for your dog lover is a dog lion mane. This present helps your dog-loving friends dress-up their dog to look like an adorable lion. The mane makes dogs look incredibly cute, ensuring to make dog lovers laugh and want to play with their pet more often. 

2. Natural dog chews 

Puppies and adult dogs love to munch anything they can get their mouth on. This habit can be a problem when your dear one’s shoes are chewed and destroyed. The good news is that there are natural dog chews and homemade treats that are a welcome gift and are made from healthy ingredients. For example, a popular homemade treat is a sweet potato chew and puppies and adult dogs love them. Your friends will be very grateful when their pup is distracted by a new chew and their shoes or personal belongings are no longer chewed and destroyed. 

3. Pet socks 

Lovimals has customisable print socks for your friends and family. The socks can be printed with their favourite pet’s face on them. All you have to do is to upload a photo of your friend’s beloved pet and send it to us through the link, click here. We then put the image on your chosen pair of socks. 

4. Customizable mug

Don’t we all dream of being able to take our pet to work with us? With a customizable mug you can make this a reality! Simply upload a picture of your friend’s furry pet and we can supply you with a quality mug that they can use in their home or place of work.

5. Dog backpacks

If your friend loves hiking and owns a small dog, a dog backpack could be the perfect novel gift! Doggy backpacks allow owners to carry their dog’s long distances, perfect for small dogs who don’t like being left out but can’t handle walking long distances. 

6. Customizable tote bag

Dog-loving individuals are likely to appreciate a photo tote bag because it is a reusable, convenient bag decorated with their dog’s image on it. This bag allows dog lovers to show off their beloved pooch to the public even when they are not together. 

7. Dog calendar

Any pet owner is sure to love a calendar featuring cute pets! To make the gift even more personal, design the calendar yourself and make each month of the year a different picture of your friend’s pooch! You’ll receive top bonus points here if you manage to snap your friend’s pet in different seasonal accessories for the calendar. 

8. Dry shampoo

If your dog-loving acquaintances have pampered pooches, you can get them a doggie dry shampoo. The shampoo will help them freshen up their dogs, especially during summer. The shampoo will keep your dear one’s dog feeling fresh and smelling nice for longer.

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