How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Are you a new dog owner wondering if the feeding pattern you have developed for your pup is right?

Or did you add a dog to your pet-friendly household which already has two cats and a rabbit?

Food is the lifeblood for everyone, be it a human or an animal. Though it is needed for survival and growth, excessive amounts of it can be dangerous.

Similarly, less of it can lead to severe nutritional deficiencies which can even lead to different diseases.

Accordingly, we have created a list of little things to note for the feeding time, duration and quantity which should be considered to ensure good health and nutrition for your dog.

Dog Feeding Guidelines

Type of Food

The kind of food being fed to the dog is important. Understand the serving portions in the dog food package and serve it to the dog as per his age and size.

This is the best way to ensure that the food he is eating is suitable for him and accurate regarding the quantity and nutritional value.

Quantity of Food

The amount of food given to the pet needs to be considered on many factors like the frequency of feeding, the type of dog food chosen, age of your dog, his activity levels and his overall health and nutrition needs.

Do make sure though that you are not feeding him anything more than what he should be having. Always note the portion sizes, use the feeding measures for the food and divide it throughout the day. 

Consistent feeding amounts and maintaining regulated feedings can help him be active and not gain any excess weight.

Are you wondering how frequently you should feed your guy?  Once you have determined the amount of food your dog needs to eat, check the schedule of your work or school.

Are you able to bring your dog to work? Are you home during the early morning and late evenings?

That’s fine if the answer is NO, just ensure that you maintain the frequency of twice a day and keep the times consistent as well.

If you have a flexible schedule or are at home during the day, you can even feed him three times a day.

Meal Times and Schedules

Though there is no one time to feed your dog, it is a proven fact that sometimes may be advantageous over others. Little things applicable for humans are exactly the same for your dog.

Have you noticed that having a full meal and then going to exercise makes you uncomfortable?

It is the same with your dog. Take care not to feed him right before going to the park to play or a walk around the block.

Ideally feeding 10 to 12 hours before exercise is recommended with adequate hydration.  Water needs to be an essential part of his diet and should be consumed frequently.

Having a fixed schedule is right for your dog’s health and keeps his digestive system in order. When you know your dog is eating at the same time, you can have a clear idea of when he will need to go outside.

Establishing regular mealtimes can also help in avoiding bathroom accidents and pee on the floor.

Mealtime Resources

In case, your queries about the health and nutritional aspects of the dog are still not resolved, go ahead and ask the veterinarian.

A veterinarian is the best resource who can guide you on everything about your dog as they are familiar with the nature of your little furry friend. They would also know if there are any issues which can impact the meal of your pet.

Little things like if your dog eats very fast and you are concerned, why not discuss it with your vet?

They will be able to understand why he eats so rapidly and that it can cause GI issues and can accordingly give you suggestions on overcoming it.

When you get a new dog into your family, you are taking complete responsibility for them.

Starting from feeding them right to meeting their play and mating needs, they look up to you for support as they are not in their natural habitat.

Getting them accustomed to life, food, play and their environment can be done gradually, but you need to know how to do it.

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