How to Pamper Your Dog (6 Fun and Safe Ways!!)

Who doesn’t like being spoilt and pampered to bits? Dogs are very similar to humans, and they love being gushed over and spoilt silly!

As a dog parent, don’t you simply love spoiling your canine friend with treats and many activities of their choice. Shower loveand attention on your beloved pooch with one of the many ways we have outlined here for you.

Frozen Treat

Like humans, dogs too feel hot on a warm day. Dog breeds with a short nose like French Bulldogs and Pugs especially have a hard time adjusting with the hot weather.

Why not give them a refreshing and frozen treat to enjoy in the hot summer?

Allow them to cool offwith the frozen treat and have fun. You can even try stuffing a hollow chew toy with something like peanut butter and freeze it. Once it is nicely frozen, give it to your pooch.

New Toy

Dogs simply love getting new toys. Why not pamper him by taking him to the nearest pet supply store and getting a toy of his choosing.

From a simple chew toy to one which can be filled with food or the ones which squeak, let him make his own selection. Allow him enough time to roam around, look at things and buy at leisure.

He would love going out, engaging with the new smells and socialize with the other dog paw prints. Won’t they look absolutely sweet on your adorable friend?

Go for a Swim

Many dog breeds are suckers for water-based activities. Few breeds like the Labrador Retriever are famous for being water babies. For such dogs, water-based activities would be absolute heaven.

You and your friend can even play fetch in the water. Go slow if he likes water but is afraid of going in too deep. Remember to put a life jacket on him to ensure that he gets his doggy swims and paddle right!

Turn up the sprinklers in the backyard if he prefers not to go into the pool or water body. Apart from being safe, the yard will have plenty of space for him to roll around and have fun.

Visit the Dog Park

Take your canine friend for a walk in the woods or the local forest. He would simply love the natural outdoors, chasing other animals, smell and sniff around the bushes and the new scenery all around.

Dog parks are another area where dogs can run around and get adequate physical exercise and socialize with other dogs.

Running without the leash will give him a wonderful feeling, and he will feel happy scampering around to his heart’s content. Remember to bring plenty of water for him to ensure enough hydration.

Homemade Treats

Treats are a favourite with all dogs. Why not bake him some homemade treats? You can even customize the recipe for him by adding apple flavour or bacon if that’s what he likes.

Making it at home also means that the quality of the ingredients and flavour will be good and preservative free.

The Last Word

Do consult your veterinarian before trying out any new food itemsor exercise regimen. This way you can safely have fun with your canine friend and be stress-free.

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