How to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Keeping your dog healthy encompasses taking care of all parts of your body. Especially, with the amount and frequency of eating, teeth care often gets overlooked.

In fact, the American Veterinary Dental College mentioned that by the time they are three years old, the majority of the dogs have symptoms of periodontal disease. 

Oral hygiene in dogs needs to be of adequate importance and treatment to avoid escalating into other associated diseases.

Bad breath is one of the many initial signs of dental disease. Probably, since it is supposed to be a normal event in dogs, pet parents tend to overlook.

Many serious issues can arise from periodontal disease. Tooth loss and systemic infections can occur in the dog’s body if dental disease is not treated.

Other associated health issues like jaw damage and heart disease may erupt if oral hygiene is not maintained. Let’s look at how we can maintain our canine friend’s teeth’s overall health.

Teeth Brushing

Avoid plaque buildup by regular brushing of your dog’s teeth.  Though doing it regularly helps, you can even do it like three times a week.

Since dogs are not used to doing this, you will need to train the dog. You can follow the same training pattern which you did for teaching him to get his nails trimmed.

Pick the toothpaste which is specially formulated for dogs. Doing this is really important as this will have pet safe ingredients which cannot be said about human toothpaste.

Also, the dog toothpaste has flavors of peanut butter and chicken usually, which makes it easy for the dog to ingest. Pick a toothbrush which can easily go over your fingertip. Do ask your vet for more advice on this.

Tooth Wipes

Many dogs are not comfortable with brushing their teeth and may not let you do it. Tooth wipes specially formulated for dogs are good for wiping off the teeth at one go.

Though not as effective as toothpaste, tooth wipes are great for removing plaque. New dog owners or those with difficult dogs may prefer using tooth wipes over regular dog toothpaste.

Dental Treats

Who doesn’t love treats? Did you know that special treats have been developed to improve the dental health of your dog? 

These dog treats help to remove plaque buildup and help to clean the mouth. They also help to freshen up their breath.

Many dogs prefer using these dental treats as compared to using a tooth wipe or even the toothbrush.

Available in a variety of flavors, sizes and shapes, consider using these dental treats to clean your canine friend’s mouth and keep it healthy.


Chews can be many, but they all have tooth cleaning properties. Chewing is an activity which is very good for your dog’s oral hygiene, irrespective of what they end up chewing.

The chewing action helps to release enzymes and improve dental health. Chicken strips, cow ears and many more chews are a perfect way to ensure proper dental hygiene and keep the dog happy at the same time.

Calorie free chews like rubber and nylon chews are also available as well.

Professional Cleaning

Occasionally, you can take your friend to the veterinarian for regular professional check-ups. Even though you may prefer to take care of your dog and his health at home; sometimes it is advisable to seek the opinion of professionals to ensure the safety of your dog.

Identifying, understanding and resolving all hygiene and health issues are immensely important which only a qualified veterinarian can help with.

If you notice any yellow color in his teeth which you suspect to be tartar build-up, contact the veterinarian to get it done professionally. Alternatively, consider using a tartar remover to figure out something.

Keeping an eye on your friend, his health and his oral hygiene is undoubtedly important. Apply the same rules for your dog which you do for yourself.

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