8 Active Dogs for Active Dog Owners

Like humans, there are a few active dogs who absolutely love running and others who simply shy away from it.

Running is a brilliant cardiovascular exercise for both dogs and humans and helps maintain top shape apart from allowing to spend quality time with your friend.

Few dogs make for perfect companions for all types of outdoor activity like running, jogging and never seem to feel tired.

If you are a regular jogger, you can choose from dog breeds which are obedient and possess high energy and endurance for running.

Running has a lot of benefits for humans and dogs. It helps to maintain weight, build stamina and improves muscle tone and provides an outlet for your dogs’ energy.

Being aware of your dog’s capabilities will help you understand which breeds can withstand the weather conditions well. Getting a full checkup for the dog will ensure that the chosen physical activity is safe for your furry friend.

Since puppies are relatively young and their bones are still not fully developed, they should not be taken for runs or jogs. Orthopaedic damage can occur if they are taken outside for runs especially on concrete or hard surfaces.

Medium to large puppy breeds should be allowed to run only after they have crossed the age of 18 months. It is recommended to get your puppy checked by a veterinarian to ensure that he can start running with you.

For senior dogs, get the fitness levels checked by a veterinarian to clear them for running.

Read on to see which dog breeds make for the best running partners based on a variety of factors like build, strength, endurance, obedience, and intelligence;


Great for long runs, the Weimaraner is very energetic with a medium build. They are intelligent and active and prefer to play for long periods of time with their owner.

They are excellent adapters as they can run long distances and maintain short and prompt bursts of running. They are fearless by nature and good at navigating tough trails.


Dalmatians have the strong stamina and are active and athletic. They like to exercise and can easily keep up with a running companion. Try to pick soft trails if you are going long distances as they tend to bounce off the environment. They can run as fast as horses with their lean and large body structures.


Vizsla is comfortable in the running over the warmer climates and has super stamina. He has a sleek and red coloured coat which makes him stand apart.

Medium sized and full of energy, they used to be hunting dogs in their prime. They are super athletic and great at navigating obstacles. Their trainability is commendable, so if you live in a busy area, you can even skip the leash.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The shorthaired pointer is a great breed to go on longer runs and even marathons. The energy they possess fuses with their speed to generate true endurance.

They are athletes in the truest sense which is also evident by their muscular and lean build. The German breed loves to exercise every day and spend time with their dog owner.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Running is a speciality with the Rhodesian Ridgeback. They are potent runners with their smooth gait and lean build.

Originally bred as hunting breeds, the Ridgebacks are very athletic and gel well with humans. Being low-maintenance with quick strides, they also are sure-footed in grass or dirt trails.


They are flexible runners and were herd dogs in the olden days. Collie is supposedly one of the most intelligent breeds which love to be busy all the time. He will be one of your truest friends and will shower his faith and loyalty on you.

Australian Shepherd

A herding breed, the Australian Shepherd, has a very safe and protective nature.

It is a great addition to a family which stays active and has children. Its people skills make it a favorite dog breeds for families who like to explore different terrains as well.

German Shepherd

Running is one of the most significant character traits of a German shepherd dog.

With a muscular build, a German Shepherd is a great running partner who can keep pace with all kinds of runs.

He is known to become a much-loved family member quickly and often favored by families with little children due to his protective and warm nature.

Consider the health of your canine friend each time you bring him out for a jog. Plenty of water and adequate rest is bound to keep him healthy and prepared to be your running mate for years to come!

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