7 Outdoor Activities for You and Your Dog to Enjoy

There are many reasons why a dog needs exercise. Similar to humans, exercise helps dogs to be healthy, engaged and happy. Since they stay busy, they also stay out of any mischief!

For elderly dogs, consulting your veterinarian is advisable before starting any new exercise regimen, especially if they are stricken with arthritis or hip dysplasia.


When many dog owners ride their bike, dogs love running alongside them.

You can consider getting bicycle attachments which can be attached to the bike to help the dog stay at a reasonable distance from the bike. It also helps to prevent your furry friend from running too close behind the bike and allows you to track your dog and his movements.

Do take frequent breaks and avoid going very far or very fast. Doing this will help dogs conserve their energy and recuperate in the breaks as heat affects dogs more than humans.


You can easily take your pup to camp by getting the ‘pup’ tent.

This is a portable crate which can be staked to the ground and suitable for well-behaved and obedient dogs.  Super mischievous and dogs who cannot stop digging or chewing may wreak havoc on the lightweight tent.

Dog Parks

Great for dogs, the dog parks allow your beloved pooch to play with you and other dogs in a leash-free environment. It is a lovely option where dogs can play freely though they do still need to be obedient and avoid any mischief.

Large parks especially allow for plenty of exercises on expansive grounds which are good for running and helping your dog stay fit.

While in a dog park, there are few rules which need to be followed:

  • Ensure your pet is fully vaccinated and healthy
  • Bring only the dogs you can handle alone
  • Keep tabs on your pet and do not allow any mischief and offensive behaviours like aggressive playing, jumping on people, too much barking
  • Avoid bringing female dogs in case there is too much heat
  • Do make it a practice to clean up after your dog.

Play Fetch

Fetch is a game which most dogs love to play. It manages to give ample exercise to dogs and strengthens the relationship with you.


Dogs are great running partners for an active dog owner. Just make sure that the dog is in the same health condition as you are otherwise you both will be woefully mismatched.

Consulting a vet before starting an activity is good and safe for your canine friend. Use a hands-free leash for all jogging activities and never ever use a regular leash as it can be really unsafe.


Swimming is a good, low-impact exercise which is safe for dogs, even the older ones. It doesn’t impact their joints and allows them a safe means of exercise.

Dogs can also be taught to swim but they need supervision at all times. Bathing after a swim is a nice way of getting chlorine out of their hair and body.

Walking and Hiking

Walking together with your dog is a good and safe exercise for both of you. For hiking needs, you can consider getting nylon backpacks for your dog to carry his own supplies.

Do note that his backpack should be made of a lighter material than yours for him to safely carry. If you have a toy dog, you can get small specially designed pet backpacks which are breathable. A leash with a retractable lead would be good for just a stroll outside.

Factors to Consider Before Starting Exercise

When starting the exercise, there are certain things which should take care;

  • Plenty of hydration for the dog is absolutely essential to help him stay fit and avoid dehydration. Give him some small breaks in between to have water. You can even consider sport refreshment drinks, specifically formulated for dogs.
  • Taking things slowly can also help your dog to adjust better to new climates, terrains and newer styles of exercise.
  • Regular exercise produces serotonin in your canine friend’s body which helps him avoid depression.
  • Make sure your dog is proficient in obeying the basic commands of sit, stay and come

Choose one or alternate between many forms of exercise to keep your furry friend and yourself in good shape!

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