8 Unusual Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

So you’re looking for an unusual gift idea for animal lovers?

Well, you’re in the right place.

Cute animal gifts are *in*, but when has that not been true? Pet parents know that the best pet gifts are adored by owners and fur-babies alike. Whether it’s for a pet, a two-legged friend or even yourself, make sure you consider these excellent and unusual gift ideas for animal lovers! 

1. Corgi Bottle Stopper

Yas, Queen! Queen Elizabeth II’s personal pet preference is adorable, but does Buckingham Palace know that Corgis make ideal bottle stoppers too? Not only do they add a touch of royal class to proceedings, but they look super cute also. And hey, do you *really* want to finish that bottle of wine when you can stopper it with this guy? 

2. Customized Water Bottle

Do your bit for the environment in pet-loving style, with a customized water bottle from Lovimals! This stainless steel water bottle is not just great for cutting single-use plastics out of your daily hydration, but also, once plastered with a beautiful hand-drawn artwork of your pet’s face, is the ideal promotional tool to ensure everyone appreciates your little guy or gal as much as you do!

3. Cat Face Pot Planters

For the huge number of cross-over cat owners who also fancy themselves to have green fingers, the perfect gift! As if planters weren’t cute enough already, these 3D printed gems are an attraction with or without a shrub inside. If you don’t fancy the greenery but still need a cute cat-face fix, these also make ideal desk organisers and pen holders!

4. Friendship Bracelet/Collar Set

Ok, how did we not know about this? Forget regular friendship bracelets, the real bond is between animal and owner – this amazing gift idea is just acknowledging it. Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes to suit any pet, the friendship collar and bracelet allows animal lovers to feel closer to their one (or two, or three!) true love wherever they are. 

5. Pet Face Towel

A big double-win here! First and foremost, proud pet owners can display a beautifully hand-drawn pet face from Lovimals with their custom towel, equally at home at the pool or beach as it is hanging in your bathroom. Happily, this wonderful towel is also the perfect defence mechanism for dog owners concerned with their floof’s inherent ability to greet family and strangers alike with a surprise shower! We think its the guilt of seeing their own happy faces on the towel which does most of the work, but the microfibre reverse side may have something to do with it too…

6. WTF Dog Tee

Reclaim the acronym! For years people have been using ‘WTF’ all wrong – do they not know it actually means Where’s The Food? Help spread the message by gifting this awesome tee (to a friend’s dog, or y’know, yourself…) and let your pet know that you’re on the same wavelength. 

7. Sorry the Dog Farted Candle

Animals are amazing, we know this. But they can be a bit smelly, on the odd occasion. This odour-killing hand-poured soy wax candle will help cover any embarrassing moments and let a dog, cat or farmyard animal know that hey, you’ve got their back.

8. Onward! Art Print

Last but very much not least, it’s this inexplicable but incredible print featuring a shark being ridden by a giraffe. The giraffe has an eyepatch and is carrying a scimitar. Why? Where are they going? Does the shark want him on his back? We may never know, but the questions are a certain conversation starter for animal lovers and loathers alike! Oh, and of course it’ll brighten up your wall too. Win-win.

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