7 Great Gift Ideas for your Dogs Birthday

Our dogs are nowadays viewed as part and parcel of the family. When it’s their birthday, you will want to make it special so you can show your furry friend just how much they mean to you.

However, birthday celebrations for dogs pose certain challenges but the good news is that there are abundant ways to create the birthday of your dog’s dreams. 

The birthday of your dog is here again, it’s celebration time! But how do you pick out the perfect gift? Here are 7 grand ideas on what to give your dog as a birthday gift.

1. Make a doggy cake or treat

The most fun and stress-free way of celebrating the birthday of your dog is by baking them a cake. A doggie cake can be made from diverse ingredients, not only from flour and eggs, as some usual cake ingredients can be harmful to dogs. There are multiple cake mixes suitable for dogs but the most popular is one made from puppy cake mix, which is available in three flavours peanut butter, pumpkin and banana. 

2. Doggy Toys

It’s no secret, dogs love their toys. And there is no better time than on their birthday than to buy them a new one. There are thousands of toys available, the right one will depend on your dog’s taste. Example of novel toys you can purchase include…

Cuddle toy- it is for cuddling purposes and can look like your dog.

Glow ball- this is an advancement in the dog ball, as it is able to glow in the dark.

Ifetch – it is an interactive machine that throws the ball and plays fetch with your dog.

To spice up the gift, you can wrap it and let your pet unwrap it. You should keep a close eye, because these adorable four-legged animals have a high tendency of eating everything.

3. Dog massager

Similar to humans, dogs too get stressed and feel muscle spasms. Mostly affected are elderly dogs or ones with inflammatory conditions. On their birthday, help the puppy to relax by pampering and massaging it. Traditionally this was achieved by using our hands but now devices can be used to provide a great massage. A dog massager has been innovated to perform these services. Show your love to your incredible pet by buying this device. However, before purchasing the dog massager, there are a couple of things you should consider:

• Why the dog desires the massage?

• Where the dog will be massaged?

• How to massage it?

4. Tracker

Buying a health and location tracker on your dog’s birthday is the guaranteed way to make your pal feel extra special and loved. With the tracker, you will get notified by either mail or the app of your pet’s whereabouts in case it is missing. Also, it will aid in keeping the furry animal fit as it is able to record parameters such as distance travelled, and the number of calories burnt. Furthermore, the device is able to breakdown how the dog spent their day. 

5. Peek window

Peek window is an addition to the fence that enables pets to have a glimpse of the outside environment. The addition is made by a sturdy dome-shaped glass which is easy to install and clean. With this, your friend will be thrilled as it will see past the fence and experience the world.

6. Dog bed

So far, we have mentioned various ways in which to please your dog while awake. To ensure it has sweet dreams, you can offer it an orthopaedic bed as a gift. 

7. Dog pool

Finally, to keep your pet cool you can purchase a dog pool, or a child’s paddling pool, and let your pup splash and swim to their heart’s content. This is a long-lasting gift that your dog can enjoy every summer!

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