6 great ideas for cat-based Christmas gifts

Looking for a Christmas gift for cat-lover can be a long process. So we have identified 6 great ideas for cat-based Christmas gifts.

It’s well known that cat-lovers are pretty easy to buy for since they generally love anything with cats on! But if you’re looking for something a little more personal to give to that someone special this Christmas, then continue reading to discover our top six gift ideas for the cat-obsessed.

1. Framed photo

You can’t go wrong with a framed photo of the recipient’s fur baby! A beautiful photo in a hand-selected frame is a thoughtful gift which shows you have gone the extra mile to create something personal for your loved one. The hardest part of giving this gift will be trying to take a sneaky photo of the cat in question! You will be sure to surprise whoever you give this to though, especially if you are able to get a quick snap of their feline friend without them knowing. You could even put the photo in a cat-themed photo frame for an extra dose of cuteness!

2. Customizable cat socks

Everyone loves socks, especially at Christmas. Fun to snuggle up in and great for wearing with wellies, socks are the perfect gift for when you are stuck for other ideas. However, these customizable cat socks make a thoughtful and interesting gift to anyone who owns a cat. Available in a variety of colours and designs, you can upload a photo of the recipient’s cat, which will then be printed on the socks! What could be better than being able to walk around with pictures of your cat on your feet?

3. Cat-inspired jewellery

If you want to give the gift of cuteness this Christmas, then consider giving your loved one a piece of cat-inspired jewellery. Cat-shaped earrings and pawprint necklaces make a beautiful and personal gift and can even be engraved with the cat’s name to make it extra special! You will find plenty of options in your local jewellers or online, ranging from bright and colourful designs to the more refined and delicate. Obviously, this gift might be more suitable for women, but for men, you could consider purchasing a cat-themed cufflink or a tie-pin.

4. Customized cat pillow cover

Looking for a conversation starter? A show-stopping centrepiece? Look no further! A customized cat pillow cover is a perfect gift for anyone who loves cats. What is extra special about this Lovimals customized cushion cover though is that you can get a hand-drawn illustration of your own (or someone else’s) cat printed onto it! So whether you want to give someone a pillow cover with their cat on it, or you want to bestow all of your friends and family with an extra-large image of your own cat, you can! 

5. Accessories

Normally, cat owners, (i.e. cat servants) love anything with cats on, so if you are struggling to find a suitable gift in your price bracket, then you should consider an accessory. Mugs, keyrings, art prints, headbands, cuddly toys and placemats are all affordable choices which will be sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

6. Books about cats

Few things beat a gorgeous, glossy coffee table book filled with pictures of every kind of cat you can think of, except maybe the cats themselves! Books about cats, books that have cats in them, books with pictures of cats, books about how Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats (basically anything to do with cats) will be a welcomed by cats and their owners alike. For the cat-lover with a sense of humour, we would recommend a hilarious book called ‘How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You’ by The Oatmeal. Packed full of funny illustrations, it’s no wonder that this was a New York Times bestseller.

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