Photo Tips

The key to getting the perfect result is to provide a great photo. Our designers work directly from the photo provided, so, for example, if your pets' fur is a little yellower on the photo than it usually is, it will show up yellower on the print. 

We want to make sure you love the final product, so here are some tips to help make sure we get the best photo of your beloved pet. 

What makes a great photo?

      • Pet is face on, with all aspect of their face clearly visible 
      • A photo showing the pet or person on their own (group photos do not work)
      • Eyes are open, with no fur covering it (if there is, this will be drawn)
      • Details of your pets face and fur are visible
      • Photo is well lit (no shadows, no bright lights behind the pet)
      • Photo is sharp and clear, with no blurring and not pixellated

 What makes a bad photo?

      • Part of the pets face is covered or obscured
      • Pets face is covered by a shadow or backlit
      • Pets eyes are closed or highlighted by a flash
      • Ears are cropped from the photo
      • Pet is in an odd position (i.e upside down)
      • Photo is small and dark
      • Photo is blurred, with no detail
      • Photo is a screenshot, photo of a photo or has a filter on it