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Pets are more than just animals and we want to take them everywhere with us. Whether we are at work, on a plane or at dinner, it can sometimes be difficult to bring a furry friend.

Whilst we battle to allow animals the freedoms that humans enjoy, we have come up with an alternative solution... We propose that every pet owner gets their partner-in-crime printed on, customizable accessories,at the very least, one everyday item to celebrate them in style.

We’ve sourced an ever-growing range of goodies - manufactured to the highest specifications - that are ready to be adorned with the face of your favourite furry friend and make your pet filled day dreams come true.

We genuinely hope you find something you love and we are always on hand to help if you need any assistance :)

Email us at hello@lovimals.com for our speediest response!

The Lovimals Team


Love Pets. Celebrate them in style.


Pet Dog



Personalized Pet Socks

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