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Personalized Mask - Pet Face

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This is a personalized product, so it will take a 7-10 days to be made. Once despatched, you can expect your orders in 3-5 days for US and international orders, and 10-12 days for UK orders.

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  • Wearing a face mask has fast become a crucial part of our daily attire. It's the 'new normal' and it's as important as wearing a pair of shoes when leaving our homes.

    Rather than cutting up your old t-shirt to fashion together a make-shift mask, we've created a personalizable mask that will match your style.

    No need to imagine your pet's face on a face mask, we can actually make it happen.
    Simply upload your fave pet photo and our amazing art team will do the rest. The mask will even work with a pair of AirPods - we've tried! So no need to worry about muffled calls to your family and friends.

    This mask is machine washable, so it can be reused and is made from 3 layers of breathable polyester.

    Please note: This mask is meant for civilian use only and is meant to protect the wearer from large droplets. We still advise that customers observe the government's social distancing guidelines when wearing these masks.
    • Machine Washable
    • Made from breathable polyester.
    • Fully printed and sewn in the US
    • Made with a double layer design it has an opening at the back to allow the insert of a disposable filter (not included)
    • Measures 21cm x 13cm x 8.5cm (suitable for adults)
  • Customers in the US should expect their item to arrive 5 - 6 working days after they place their order.

    European customers should expect orders to arrive 7 - 9 working days after ordering.

    Rest of the world customers should expect orders to arrive 10 - 11 working days after ordering.

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