custom pet gifts

Top 10 Personalised Pet Gifts For Owners

We've been researching far and wide to round up our favourite personalised pet gifts so you don't have to. Whether you're looking to honour your own pet and get yourself something nice, or whether you're buying gifts for other owners, we've got a selection of personalised pet gifts for every occasion.


While a lot of the photos we're using feature dogs, these gifts can be personalised with any pet; cats, hamsters, toads - you name it.


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1. Your pet's face hand-drawn on a cosy blanket


personalized pet blanket


2. Your pet's face on an air freshener


custom dog air freshener


3. Personalised water bottle with your pet's face

personalized pet water bottle


4. Personalised cushion with your pet's face


personalized cushion with pet's face


5. Personalised mug with your pet's face


personalized pet mug


6. Custom socks with your pet's face on them



custom dog socks


7. Custom dog bed with your dog's face hand-drawn on

personalized dog bed

8. Custom pet note book

personalized pet notebook


9. Your pet's face on a face mask

personalized pet face mask


10. Your pet's face hand-drawn on a tote bag

personalized tote bag with dog