custom pet socks

Shop The Best Custom Pet Socks With 25% Off

Show your love for your dog or cat by getting their precious face on a pair of custom socks. The high quality personalised socks at Bluecrate will feature a photo of your pet's face and with some fun designs of your choice.


We've compiled a list below of our best-selling and absolute favourite custom pet socks.


And what's more, you can grab all the socks below now with 25% off at Bluecrate with the code LOVIMALS25 


Shop personalised pet socks from as little as $20/£13 now.


Our Top 5


1. Blue dog socks with your dog's face and a bone and paw print


These best-sellers show your dog's face with a bone and a cute paw print. SHOP NOW



blue custom dog socks with bones



2. Blue socks with your cat's face and fishbones


Your cat with a fishbone and a loving paw print. SHOP NOW



blue custom cat socks


3. Pink socks with your pet's face on them



pink custom dog socks


4. Red polka dot socks with your dog's face on them


red polka dot personalized dog socks


5. Custom pet socks with a Christmas theme



Christmas cat socks



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