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Should you Get Custom Cat Socks Today?

July 17, 2018

girl with cat


girl with cat

Are you a cat person or do you know someone who is? Whatever the case be, you should know that custom cat socks make for a perfect gift. No, they are not meant for cats to wear.

They are intended for humans (and if you follow cat memes online, you might prefer to call hoomans)!

Custom Cat Socks are just as cute as they sound! With the face of your beloved ‘purry’ pet on them, your excitement will know no bounds once you get your hands on them!

Read on to see the top 6 fantastic reasons why custom cat socks make for the perfect gift.

Reason 1: Reveal Your Free-Spirited Inquisitive Nature

Since you are a cat person, you may already know that cats are free-spirited and incredibly inquisitive. They will go into every nook and cranny that they can get their paws and heads into to investigate.

Why not get the face of your super cute friend printed on to your everyday socks and become free-spirited yourself?

Wearing the customized cat socks can give you the incredible inquisitiveness too!

Keep exploring and discover your catty side!

Reason 2: Your Life Your Terms

You know your cats very well, don’t you? You know that they seek attention but on their own terms. They have this unique style of appreciating attention only when they want to seek it.

They live life by their own rules. Isn’t that so simple and something to learn from?

Being a cat parent makes you the perfect person to get your own customized cat socks. Maybe your pet’s freestyle living may rub off on you too!

Go on and live life on your terms. Create your own rules.

Set your terms, enjoy your life!

Reason 3: It Is a Subtle Way to Tell Others That You Are Intellectual

A cat is associated with intellectuality for ages. Why not get your pair of cat socks and display this unique side of your personality!

Since you cannot physically carry your cat everywhere you go (for instance to your college or workplace), you can always wear a pair of customized cat socks with your cat’s face printed on them.

Intelligent people will pick up your subtle cues!


Reason 4: Twinship Whenever You Need

Tuskegee University research says that cat owners tend to see their relationship with their cats as that of twinship. Simply put, they think that their cats experience the same emotional state as theirs.

That’s why cat owners appreciate the rhythmic purring of their cats as it acts to soothe their nerves. Wearing these cat socks custom printed with your cat’s face on them will help you relax whenever you are stressed.

You may not get that rhythmic purring, but you will feel the warmth you always get when you cuddle with your cat. So, twinship anytime, anywhere.

Reason 5: Cat Lovers Are Smarter People

Studies have revealed that cat lovers are smarter with higher IQ compared to others.

Yes! Now you know why you should get yourself a pair of those personalized cat socks.

It is definitely one of the smartest ways to tell people that you are smarter than them without letting them even realize! Play smart buddy!

Where can I get my Personalized cat Socks?

With so many reasons to grab your pair of personalized cat socks, you are surely wondering how to lay your hands on one?

Maybe you are also considering how many pairs to order? Is your partner’s birthday coming up next month? Oh! What about your dad who probably has the cutest kitten in the whole world?

Relax, all you need to do is upload the picture of the cat online and input all the size, fabric information.

Just make sure that the image should be of high quality with high pixel clarity and suit the size specification mentioned online. Our designers will take the photo, put it on the socks and have them printed.

Don’t worry! The prints won’t be pixelated.

Socks come in many fabrics so you can choose just the right fabric to suit your or your gift recipient’s needs.

Is your partner allergic to wool? In that case, why not try our microfiber cottony socks fabric which will work like a charm to keep her feet warm and elevating her fashion quotient at the same time!

Yeah, size is another consideration which has to be noted. If in doubt, just provide us with the shoe size, and we will get the socks sized accordingly. Or better still, use our socks guide available online!

All socks that we deliver are made of the high-quality material – a combination of spandex, polyester and cotton to ensure that they are extremely comfortable. The colors are also meant to last way more than any ordinary pair of socks.


Custom cat socks make a perfect gift for anyone who loves cats. These socks are designed for everyday use but are a great way to keep yourself warm during winters.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make a cat lover supremely happy with this beautiful and personalized gift!

Make them bond with their cat bigtime and create wonderful memories!

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