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Why It’s A Brilliant Idea to Create an Indoor Playroom For Your Dog

August 09, 2018

dog playing indoors

Almost all pet owners will agree that bored dogs can be really naughty. If they have nothing much to do in a day, they will sneak up and do things which are decidedly off-limits for them.

You can be sure it's not a lucky day if he finds your latest Jimmy Choo stilettoes to nibble on or chew on your Fendi handbag! It is important to limit his forms of entertainment to the ones which don’t cause you heartburn in the process!

With so much energy to burn, dogs need to be kept occupied and happily engaged. Giving them adequate physical and mental stimulation will make them spend their day productively and keep them out of trouble as well!

Why don’t you consider having a small area in the house, exclusively earmarked for his play? Apart from giving him that little space and a sense of belonging to the family, he will also be engaged in the process. The fact that he can play indoors safely irrespective of the external environment does earn a few brownie points, isn’t it?

Let’s see what factors should be considered while making an indoor play area for your dog:


Versatile Toys

All dogs love their owners, but the fact is that you cannot be around them all the time. What you can realistically do is design his personal playroom with toys which are versatile. He should be able to play with some toys on his own without any assistance from you.

You can play with your canine friend with the rest of the toys. Few interactive toys like balls and tugs can be played with when you both are together. Keep changing the toys which stay in his playroom so that he has variety in his toys and he remains engaged with them.

Move the spare ones to a dedicated toy box. Why not teach him how to tidy up and pack his own toys once the playtime is over? He can learn a new skill and help you in tiding up as well.

Self-toys are great for dogs to play when they are alone. Puzzle toys, treat releasing toys and balls are some of them, which can make him stay engaged for hours. There are food toys as well which have a dog’s meal in them and need to be chewed, so it doubles up as a toy!

Agility Games

Will it not be awesome to have your furry friend get some exercise on his own? Agility game devices and obstacles items can be used as equipment to make your dog exercise.

Take care to place them suitably high to ensure they remain safe when alone. Safety is vital to take care to have grip surfaces which prevent slips and falls. You can even get the specialized dog walk which is an excellent obstacle game having the ramp walk just above the ground. 

You can build a game without any agility needed like a pool filled with dog safe balls. For non-agility-type obstacles, nothing beats a kiddie pool full of dog-safe balls.

Make a small fort with your kids, large waffle blocks. It becomes a useful tunnel toy under which small and medium-sized dogs can crawl through.

Tv or radio shows are good options for dogs to be busy. Interactive pet camera work great with which you can see your pet at regular intervals and even give him treats in your absence. It eases your worries and makes your relationship stronger.

Non-Slip Floors

Dogs run a lot while playing in and around the house. To avoid injury by skidding, place anti-skid mats on your hardwood flooring. You can consider kids play mats or even fatigue mats which are suitable for a long time playing without posing any risk of slippage.

Snooze session

Snooze sessions will automatically occur once your dog is tired after all that play. Dogs prefer couch style or semi-enclosed beds as they are really cuddly. For hydration, place a water bowl close by so he can be hydrated at all times.

Make Your Choice

Use creativity and imagination to discover many ways to keep your dogs busy at play. Build such a great play area for your furry friend that his doggy friends will want to come home and play!


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