Top 9 Training Tips for New Dog Owners

July 17, 2018 5 min read

girl and her dog

girl and her dog


Did you just take your cute little puppy home on Saturday?  Yaayy!!

We know you must be overjoyed and enjoying the moment with your adorable furry friend! Now that she’s home, why not begin her training?

Especially now your sleek and stylish Christian Louboutin heels will be nibbled so cutely!

You certainly wouldn’t want the new Jimmy Choo stilettoes to meet with the same fate!

Why Train Dogs

It’s best to catch them young when it comes to training. They grasp commands and gestures faster and happily prance around to obey you!  

Training your dog also makes her learn more about herself, what she can and cannot do. Making dogs obey is also vital to make them feel safe and welcomed in the house.

Basic commands will help her grow and make her self-sufficient in eating and playing around.

Are you wondering where to start?

Well, no worries. If you are looking to start training your cute one, do pay heed to the nifty little list we have curated for you here.

Top 9 Dog Training Tips


Lay down the Rules

Take out time and make up the rules of the house for your newest member of the family. Decide what activities can be done and where and stick to it. If she is allowed on the couch, keep the rule consistent.

No means no.

If you change the rules frequently, the puppy will get confused as well. Any areas of the house, you want her not to venture to? Is she allowed to be at the dining table when the family meal times occur?

Setting up the house rules and following them will make it easier for both of you.


Give Her A Private Space

Everyone needs a place to call home. Dogs are creatures of habit. Setting up a cozy little corner of the house will make her feel loved and a part of the family.

Decorate it with her play toys, bones and a soft, comfy blanket to sleep on. Your cute furry friend will feel safe, secure and loved in her little corner of the house.

Pick an Adorable Name

Choose a sweet name for your adorable little friend and make her understand that it’s her name. Having a word with at least two syllables and ending with a consonant makes dogs perk up at the name. They are likely to hear it and react clearly.

Smaller names work well and sound adorable! She is a member of the family now and should have a name of her own! Using treats and cuddles is an excellent way of making the puppy remember the word.

Call out her name, once she is near you or responds, give her a treat and countless cuddles!

Repeat the pattern, and you should have a dog who simply loves it when you call out her name!

Small Training Sessions

Most dog training experts share that small and crisp training sessions work best. Making it playful, using balls, bones and soft and happy tones help too.

Dog training cannot be done in a day. Do it gradually over a period and keep expectations on the lower side. Too many expectations from your friend aren’t right as every dog has its own speed and grasping power.

Your cute pet will be agile and excited to learn in smaller sessions and will happily obey the commands.  Longer sessions may not work that well.

Start with the ‘Come’ Command

Keep an emphasis on making the commands short and one word to start with and gradually increase the length of the commands.

One-word commands are best to start with. The common ones being stay, sit, down, fetch, eat and leave.

A dog should know how to come back to its owner. Teach your lovely pet to come to you when you call out her name.

Maybe you can attach adjectives like a Good girl! To make her understand the command and do it. Teach him to come when called.

Use the rewards she prefers to make her understand that what is to be done or not. Positive reinforcement works like magic here!

Give Small Rewards

Don’t you like it when your parents reward you with something once you did a good job!

Anyone like rewards, be it a human or a dog. Make sure each good thing she does is rewarded appropriately.

You can reward her best behavior by using toys, treats, loving her or by merely cuddling her! At the same time, never reward bad behavior or else she is likely to repeat it.

Dealing with Jump Ups

Any experienced or long-time dog owner can tell you that you need to train your dog on jump-ups. Or else they may occur frequently.

Every dog loves to keep jumping up on a person, or things, or even furniture.

Be patient and deal with your puppy by teaching her not to jump up again. Don’t pat or praise her whenever a jump up happens.

Take care to ignore the jump up behavior entirely. That is the best way to make sure; it doesn’t happen again.


No Nips or Bites

Remember your Christian Louboutin’s?

Yes, you have to teach her not to nip or bite at anything which is not her toy. One way is to get her a couple of teething toys to play with.

Especially when pups are growing, they are likely to chew up things when their teeth are growing.

When she comes to nip or bite you, just act as if you are hurt badly.

She may be surprised or even scared, but it will surely discourage her from biting or nipping at you again. Keep at it and enjoy the play acting too!!

Understand Her Likes

Dogs are social animals just like us. They have simple emotions, likes and dislikes which should be respected.

Understanding her specific wants and likes will help you personalize your behavior towards her. She will also feel happier about it.  

The rewards your pet likes can also be used in her training to make her respond better.

Play on

Whew, so much training is not easy on anyone, either the trainee or the trainer! Both need breathers at the end of it.

Fun and happy tones are great to break up training sessions. Give small rewards to keep her motivated and do remember to praise her efforts.

A play session or five minutes of cuddles are other awesome ways to end a training session. After all, everyone likes appreciation and dogs are no less.

Proper handling of the training sessions will guarantee that your trainee will be back for the next session with her tail wagging wildly!!


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