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The Top 9 Surprising Dog Owner Personalities – Which One is Yours?

July 15, 2018

The Top 9 Surprising Dog Owner Personalities – Which One is Yours?

man with his pet dog


Dogs! Don't they make the most amazing pets? Their wagging tails and hanging tongues never fail to lighten up our days.

Their appeal is never restricted by their breed which is the reason different people fall for different breeds.

Today the spotlight is on ‘Dog Owners’. We will take peek at the other side of the leash - at the personality traits of dog owners! Just like their dogs, they are generally fun and definitely have unique personality traits!

Let’s find out the different types of dog owners you come across when you go for a stroll with your furry friend!

The Dog Companions

Dog lovers abound!

One small but steadfast category of dog owners like having a dog for companionship, maybe instead of humans! They don’t just love their cute friends but see them at a much-elevated level than their other human friends.

Don’t be surprised if you ask them why they do so and you are greeted with a reply – ‘dogs are mutated forms of humans’.

If you ever happen to cross one such dog owner, steer clear of any judgement on their beloved pooch! Otherwise, your friendship may disappear, poof!

The Dog Experts

Of course, they exist! Some of them are learned experts. They have earned valid degrees after years of studying in reputed universities. But again, there are a few self-made experts as well who have possibly read every single book written on dogs.

They are the de facto dog gurus who can answer everything from the diseases spread by ticks to cures for serious ailments.

Really, haven’t you met them! Just go for a stroll to the park today evening, and you may run into one!


The Freedom Advocates

It doesn’t matter whether they are first-time dog owners or not. They have one ideology around which their life revolves. That ideology is ‘freedom’.

The freedom advocates prefer keeping their pooches off leash and walk 50 steps behind their friend's only to watch them having fun.

Hey, why not send them a tweet to do it only in the designated places!

Obsessive Owners

The exact opposite of the Freedom Advocates, these people are scared by the very thought of their beloved pooches getting hurt. So, they always and always keep their dogs on a leash whenever they are going out.

They take extra care that their furry friends don’t receive any unauthorized treats from any stranger in the park. Sniffing and licking unknown objects is entirely restricted for them.

Well, the best part is dogs, belonging to these owners are surprisingly well-behaved.

The Fashion Icons

Let’s bow down to Beyonce!

These dog owners cum fashion icons are remarkably well groomed and maintain that for their lovely pooches as well! They like dressing up their dogs and It is sheer fun for them. Dogs of these owners are sometimes wearing a blonde wig or sometimes flaunting their waistline in a sexy pantyhose.

Weekly pedicures, luxe wigs, stylish goggles and lovely scarfs make up the lucky pooch’s personalized wardrobe thanks to their dog parents who treat them lavishly! Seriously, I want to be their next pooch! Don’t you!!

The Dog Angels

They are literally angels for all the homeless pups and dogs! Yes, so much are they in love with these four-legged angles is that they will go on adopting a new pooch now and then. Anything that walks on all fours and barks cannot be left unattended!

Yes, these owners are true angels in human form. Care and attention is showered on the dogs which struggle to find food and shelter. These foster moms and dads never mind spending a majority of their earning on dogs. They deserve salutes!


The Dog Lovers

They are pretty much similar to the first type of owners we described. The difference is that they cannot tolerate their pooches being called as ‘it’ or ‘dog’.

If you meet them, you need to call the pooch by its name. They carefully selected names for their furry friends and always wanted others to use those specific names while referring to their dogs.

Dare to call their dogs as ‘it’ or ‘dog’, and you are going to have a hard time giving some explanation for such a heinous act!


The Athletes

These are the people who take their health very seriously and are often extremely adventurous. But, their adventure is never fully complete unless they are doing it with their beloved friend!

Whether they are going kayaking or biking or hiking or diving, you will always find their dogs participating with equal enthusiasm.

That’s good because their beloved pooches always stay in great shape. These people have a specific trait. They will always find the best dogs to own to fit their very own lifestyle.

Hyper Enthusiastic Owners

Dog owners spending their first time with a dog make up this hyper-enthusiastic owner group. They cannot contain their happiness and enthusiasm of becoming dog parents for the first time. They will happily spend sleepless nights to watch their new four-legged family member.

Clicking countless photos to create memories and sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+ is a must do for them! These owners are adorable.

These people often are the ones who spend countless hours researching about best dogs for first time owners or best dogs for new owners. And they manage to find one!


Being a dog parent is really fun in its own way. Honestly, it hardly matters whether someone starts classifying them under the heading - types of dog owners.

Having fun with their friends means the world to them, in ways that people may not understand.

They have their moments – sweet and sour, sad and happy! At the end of the day what really matters is that they love their dogs like their own children.

Dogs and their human friends experience the relationship of pure love that is perhaps the rarest thing on this earth. Every day is the happiest day of their life if they have their furry friend by their side. Totally enviable, isn’t it!

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