dog yawning

The Meanings Behind 10 Dog Behaviours

Your beloved pooch may be circling around you for a few minutes before you realize that he is trying to tell you something.


There are many such actions by dogs, which are clear pointers to their behavior and how they are feeling at any point in time.


Many of the repeated canine actions can even be health concerns. It is recommended to be aware of them to take care of your canine friends in a better and more responsive manner.




Puppies tend to nip at others as they grow up. Similar to humans, puppies also communicate with their mouths while they learn and explore new things.


The biting and nipping behaviors tend to reduce as the puppy grows. With time, the biting wears off on its own. If it does not stop, it can mean that your friend is angry, anxious or even in fear. Consulting a professional trainer, or a veterinary behaviorist to understand its root cause.




A health issue can be present in the case of a dog who is walking in circles. Many dogs love chasing their tails and even run after it. Though it is funny, if a dog is unable to stop, it may be a serious issue.

Ear infections may be a cause. Few bull terriers are known to be compulsive chasers of their own tail. Another reason can be idiopathic vestibular syndrome which afflicts older dogs and rarely it can be a symptom of a tumor or even poisoning. Rule out your doubts by taking him to the vet.




Digging is an activity which most of the dogs love doing. They may feel like making a nice and cool spot to lie down, escape, track other smaller animals or simply hide something valuable.


It is not surprising that many dogs continue the digging action once they are inside the house as well.


They may even scratch at the pillows or blankets and try to make a comfy place to settle down. If this happens near night time, it should be normal.


If the frequency of this behavior increases and damage your household possessions, probably you should rethink and may take him to the vet sometime soon.


Head Pressing


If you see your normally playful pet, going and pressing his head against the wall or even the sofa chair leg, it can be a sign of something serious.


Pressing their head against the wall or any other firm object can signal something serious of the stature of brain disease. Pay attention immediately and take him to the veterinarian as it can grow huge if not nipped in the bud.




Panting is an action which all dogs do to release their body heat from their mouths. In fact, they use panting as a means of managing his body temperature. Dogs tend to gasp even when they are in pain.


Ensuring good levels of hydration will make sure that he has sufficient water before undertaking any physical activity.




You may feel irritated when your well-trained canine friend suddenly starts peeing inside the home. A dog’s behavior is known to be consistent and does not change without adequate reasons.


In fact, the change in routine and impulsive behaviour like this may indicate something is to be improved upon. Dementia or kidney infection may be possible and urinating everywhere may be an urgent need faced by the dog doctor.




Unlike humans, a dog yawning doesn’t indicate that he is tired. It can be a pointer to napping and though he may look like that he is sleepy, it could also mean stress.




Dogs prefer being in groups and may be afflicted with fear in case they are left alone. Dogs tend to exhibit this by barking, defecating within the home, tail tucking and other escapist behaviors.


Separation anxiety is a reality which you both need to learn and cope up with a planned way.


It is better to rule out any systemic issues by taking him to the vet and getting him checked.


If your active friend is suddenly becoming moody and withdrawing from his favourite activities, give him time and your love to get him back to normal.