Alleviate common dog health issues with these tasty supplement chews

Alleviate common dog health issues with these tasty supplement chews

Are you a dog owner with a dog above the age of 8 months? You probably know that as dogs age, like humans, they often start to develop health-related issues. Some of the most common issues for dogs are itching, joint and mobility issues, anxiety as well as digestive issues to name a few. 

Now what if we told you that without changing your dog’s diet, you could start today with a friendly supplement plan for your dog to combat these issues? 

Lovimals functional dog chews include vet-backed, clinically proven ingredients to boost your dog’s wellbeing and to alleviate common age-related health issues in dogs.


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Target key dog health issues

Dog health issues are on the rise; a recent study found that more than 70% of dogs displayed anxious behaviour, one in five dogs experiences painful joint issues in their lifetime and digestive issues are some of the most common reasons for vet visits.

So what’s the solution?


Clinically proven, vet-backed ingredients 

Clinically proven ingredients to treat some of the most common dog health concerns, as above, can now be found without prescriptions.


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Each chew in the Lovimals range has been formulated to tackle specific health concerns. Without making any changes to your dog’s diet, you can get started with tackling key health issues today from less than £1 a day.


Target joint issues

Perhaps one of the most common with older dogs, but all dogs above the age of 5, is the issue of joint pain and mobility issues. It is estimated that at least one in five dogs (20%) experience joint issues in their lifetimes, the results are painful limping and challenges with mobility. 


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The Lovimals “Move” chews contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to support cartilage and connective tissue health for increased mobility. The secret ingredient though is MSM which is an organic form of sulfur that has been recommended for years for its ability to relieve pain and discomfort in dogs with a variety of hip, bone and joint disorders often associated with pet arthritis. 

Healthy poos and less stomach discomfort


Runny poos are a real pain; both for your dog and for you when having to attempt cleaning it up on walks. 

The Lovimals “Nourish” chews for digestive support were developed alongside nutritionists and veterinarian. The chews are brimming with nourishing prebiotics, probiotics and activated charcoal to support healthy gut bacteria, ease stomach discomfort, encourage healthy poos, and boost the immune system.


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A key active ingredient in the chews is beta-glucans which is a which contribute to your dog's gut health by promoting the growth and activity of “good” bacteria in your dog's intestines. This is important because these fermentable fibres are prebiotic so they work ahead to support the growth of healthy bacteria known as probiotics.

Anxiety Relief To Reduce Excessive Fear-Induced Barking


Anxiety in dogs is more common than you might think. Behaviours like excessive barking, licking paws, destructive behaviour are just a few of the common signs of anxiety (see a full list here). To help combat these issues, Lovimals developed “Chill” chews following veterinary guidance to stimulate natural calming pathways in the brain for an effective way to reduce anxiety and stress in your dog. 

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Made with high-quality natural ingredients, the secret ingredient in the chews is the mood-boosting and gut supporting probiotic: Tryptophan. This amino acid works to stabilize serotonin levels, improve mood, reduce anxiety and promote a calm demeanour.


The All-In-One Multi-vitamin For Dogs

To help combat some of the most common health concerns, an all-in-one multivitamin formula is convenient for many owners. Thrive multi-vitamin chews by Lovimals contain essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog's immune system, improve brain function, support organ health, aid digestion, and enhance skin and coat conditions.


Lovimals thrive multivitamin chews

Dog-approved Flavour

Gone are the days of hiding supplements in your dog’s food. The Lovimals range has been taste-tested by dogs so the bacon-flavoured, fun-shaped daily supplement will be something for your dog to look forward to. 


Money-back Guarantee

We are so sure you will love the chews that we are offering a money-back guarantee. If after 3 months you’re not happy with the results, we will refund your order. 

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