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How to Select the Best Dog Groomers

August 28, 2018

man grooming a dog

What comes to your mind when you think about keeping your dog healthy and safe?

Visiting the vet, eating healthy and regular play in the outdoors, all are equally important to keep your canine friend healthy. Grooming is another overlooked activity which is really important to keep your pet healthy.

Though you may prefer grooming your dog, skilled dog groomers are also adept at offering services which keep a dog safe and healthy like ear cleaning, teeth cleaning and nail trimming.

Discover good and trusted dog groomers by asking around in your friends and family circle and you can also read up online. Do check out the online reviews on third-party neutral websites to understand the quality and level of their services. Take the time to select the best groomer and having a face to face chat is one of the best ways to finalize them.

Check out Their Setup

The look, the feel and the smell of the area can point to the hygiene and sanitation of the grooming facility.

You would certainly want properly ventilated, clean and hygienic workstations and trusted pet-friendly products being used all around. In a nutshell, you should feel completely safe leaving your precious pooch in the care of experts.

Review Services Provided

You really need to review the services provided by the dog grooming facility. They should have proper grooming tools earmarked for the particular services, like nail trimmers, mats for seating.

After a conversation with them, you should also be able to figure out their knowledge of tooth decay, skin and ear infections.

Grooming Watch

It may be quite possible that this is your first visit to the grooming salon. Since it's your dog’s first visit, you may want him to feel comfortable.

You may want to look after your dog and hang around for a few minutes before going away, and that’s ok. Take this opportunity to observe how your friend is behaving at this new set-up.

Experience with Dog Breeds

Since few breeds can have specific grooming needs, you may take your time in identifying those pet groomers who are well-versed with catering to your dog’s breed.

Also, do check out if they can perform suitable haircuts for your cute canine friend.

Training Skills

Many groomers are professionally trained while others have learnt their craft through apprenticeships programs.

In fact, few of the groomers may have attended specialized schools where pet grooming is taught. Thoroughly review the experience of the groomers, their knowledge and skillset.


Pet Boarding Facilities

A pressing concern is how safe your dog will be when he is not under your direct care. When he is waiting to be groomed, he must be housed in a secure crate or a play area after the consent of the owner.

Ideally, the crate should be placed in an area with plenty of air, natural light and a direct and clear view of the salon personnel.

Emergency Facilities

Everyone hopes that no emergency kits and facilities are ever required, though they are required to be maintained.

You can check out if they have placed all necessary emergency supplies like first aid kits are placed in readily accessible places.

Liability Insurance

Well, this is one insurance which you should have while you check out the credentials of your dog groomers.

Once the pet groomers have this insurance, it means that all medical expenses of pets under their care are covered.

Grooming Costs

The cost of dog grooming is based on the size and thickness of the coat and size of the dog as well. Individual needs of a dog are reviewed, and then only the professional groomer make a quotation.

Selecting the Best Groomer

Once you have a trusted and knowledgeable groomer, you and your dog, both will be at ease. The relationship between your friend and the groomers can be invaluable and goes a long way in making your dog feel loved and valued.


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