How to Make Your Cat Feel Loved at Home

July 26, 2018 4 min read

cat with kid and his mother

cat with a small child and his mother

Centuries ago, cats were a wild species living in the jungle.

That time, cats used to have wild animal preferences and behaviours which can still be seen on the cats today.

Their surroundings and environment are the complete opposite of how their habitat is today, especially for the pet cats. Let’s look at what you can do to make them feel at home and help them to blend into the home environment.



Have you noticed that cats in the wild tend to sit on the tree branches often?

They have this behaviour which protects them from predators and other bigger wild animals. By perching on a top branch, they are also able to survey the jungle and keep a watch on the other predatory wild animals.

Can you introduce some of these aspects into your home?

Yeah, you certainly can. With furniture and furnishings present in your house, they are great at allowing your little cat to use for perching.

Sofa, fireplace mantels, high backed couches can all be used for this purpose. The cat also gets some exercise and feels more at home with her perching tendencies. You can even consider cat trees which are of vertical structures and specially made for cats at home if you want the furniture to be kept separate from this.


Outdoor Environment

It is essential to allow cats to connect with the outdoor environment, but it should be done carefully. We all know the dangers of the outside environment for cats like traffic, busy roads, the possibility of disease and predatory animals. 

In this case, all outdoor activities can be supervised so that she connects with the external environment and gets required exercise as well.

She should also be allowed to be in touch with other animals like birds, squirrels, mice, other pets and wildlife in the external environment.



Cats have a habit to mark their territory and roaming around that. While wandering around, they tend to hide in the concealed foliage or even small holes.

It is quite easy to make such nooks and crannies in your house which allows them to play and feel comfortable at the same time.

Maybe you can get small cardboard boxes or tunnels for her to play at home. Books stacked up, small baskets or even a blanket draped over a little stool can serve the purpose.


Scratching Stuff

Yeah! As the owner of a cute little cat, you are well aware of what scratching is!

Since this is a basic behaviour of every cat, why not play into it by preparing alternatives for your little friend? This will keep her happy and save your furniture and furnishings from scratches. Isn’t it a great idea!

Cats in the wild keep scratching trees to keep their claws fit for self-defence, hunting and climbing. You can easily create a scratch post at home by using carpets or even cardboard boxes.


Eating Time

The feeding dish used and its placement should be considered to create a peaceful environment for feeding time for your beloved cat.

A cat uses her whiskers typically for measuring and navigating the dish and its opening. The pet may not like any dish which makes the direction of the whiskers change or bend.

Your best bet would be to use a shallow dish with no lining or minimum linings which are not likely to irritate the cat’s whiskers.

Cats can be quite jumpy while eating as it’s a behaviour they have for keeping a lookout for anyone who may come to steal their food.

They may also be wary of any little kid or another pet in your home and may feel jumpy around them. It is better to put the dish in the center of the room, more in the open rather in the corner. They will feel more comfortable being in a place where they can see everyone rather than in the corner.

Litter Box

Cats have a complicated nature. They prefer being seen by others and being out in the open. Other times, they want to keep themselves hidden and in isolation.

Sometimes, cats want their presence to be known. Other times, they prefer to keep it hidden.


Every time the cat goes to the loo, she leaves a trail which can be picked up by other pets. It can also serve as means of conveying information to other pets. They may also go around doing it in different areas in and around the house.

With all these issues in mind, it is advisable to have two litter boxes for one kitty.

Both litter boxes can be kept in relatively quiet and less frequented areas in the house. Spreading it around the house also is convenient for the kitty and helps minimize her territorial behaviour.


Well, once you put in so much effort and care into making these arrangements, your cat is sure to acknowledge and may show your appreciation by coming to you for more cuddles!

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