Does Your Dog have Hearing Superpowers?

July 23, 2018 3 min read

dog playing with ball

dog playing with ball

Did you know that the senses of a dog are much more powerful than those of humans? Well, your beloved pooch has a compelling hearing ability which almost makes him a super dog!

Here, we are sharing the scoop on the most surprising dog facts ever which will help you understand your dog much better.

Dogs Hearing Facts

Sound sensitivities of dogs and humans are pretty much the same except for one huge difference.

A dog’s hearing range and frequency are more than 100 times better than a human’s hearing capacity.


High-Pitched Sounds

An adult human can hear sounds up to 20,000 Hertz (Hz) while young children can hear higher Hertz values.

Hertz measures sound frequencies. Higher frequency refers to a higher pitched sound.

Dogs can hear sounds up to 65000 Hz. A value of 65000 Hz is so high pitch that humans cannot hear it at all.

You know what’s more interesting?

Dogs can also hear softer sounds at higher frequencies. Like decibel measures sound intensity or the loudness quotient of a sound. So, a sound at 0 decibel probably cannot be heard by humans.

Dogs can even hear sounds with a negative decibel rating.

Well, the next time you drop a paper on the floor and miss that because you didn’t hear it fall, your furry friend may come running to you to help you pick it up.


Wired for Prey

Historically, dogs were predatory animals. The senses of a dog are customized so that they can chase their prey very well. Since they could hear high pitched sounds, they were great at preying on small animals like rodents.

If you are playing with your dog, he may hear the high winds caressing his toy as you take it in your hand and throw it.


Predictive Nature

Whew, this one will undoubtedly come as a surprise!

Dogs are even predicted to help with earthquakes due to their highly sensitive ears.

Didn’t you wonder how your pooch always knew when a visitor came to your home even before the knock or the bell rang?

It was his superpower hearing at work!

The moment you switch on the vacuum cleaner or the power drill, dogs get affected by the high noise as they can quickly detect sounds which are louder to them than humans.

Hearing Sensitivity

When human ears have 2000Hz as the maximum sensitivity, dogs have a much higher sensitivity of 8000Hz.

The human hearing sensitivity is aligned with the range of the human speech. The dog’s hearing sensitivity is more aligned to hearing and hunting down their prey.


Frequency Differences

Remarkably, your pet can even detect minute differences in frequencies.

The next time you play the piano, take your dog along and observe him.

He can even hear the difference between the note B and B sharp which a human cannot possibly hear at all.

When you talk to him from the other room, he can hear you even if you talk at normal pitch and don't shout!

Hey, are you are rejoicing at how great the hearing of your pet is?

Yeah! Impressive, Isn’t it?

Humans are good at one aspect of hearing though, that too better than a dog.

Locating sounds is something which humans are better at than dogs.

If you are watching the world cup and your girlfriend enters the room, while you can tell the direction from which she is entering, in a jiffy, your pooch cannot.

He needs a minimum of eight degrees of separation between the two sounds to differentiate them. Humans can locate sounds with a difference of only one degree in range.





Dog Hearing Test – Reveals the Facts

Many studies involved training dogs to react and press a lever upon hearing a sound. Once dogs did this, researchers knew that dogs hear those specific sounds.

You would be surprised to hear that today there are hearing tests which can even test the abilities of a dog to hear.

The Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER) hearing test is the one which can do that. It requires electrodes being placed on a dog’s head with ears having earphones in his ears.

When sound is played, it filters through the earphones, and the subsequent electrical activity in the brain shows that the dog heard it. No pain or discomfort happens to the dog as its designed to be non-intrusive.

One similarity with humans is the fact the dogs also lose their hearing due to ageing and other factors. The BAER test helps to determine hearing loss in dogs as well. Dogs can adjust to understanding body language and gestures once their hearing becomes weak or even fails.

The next time he comes to you, wagging his tail for his training session, you know he’s your very own super dog!!




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