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Discover Your Cat’s Personality And Understand Your Furry Friend Better

July 17, 2018

cat looking up at the camera

cat looking up at the camera

Did you know that your feline housemate has his own personality?

Well, I am not pulling a fast one on you. It’s actually true.

Cat researchers surveyed more than three thousand pet cats to come up with this conclusion that cats can be broadly classified into five categories.

Isn’t’ it awesome to know which personality best describes your little kitty? 

So, in case you have five cats, probably each one of them is different from the other. 😊 

Why not even get custom cat socks with each of their faces depicting their unique personalities!!  

Personality Stands Out

How did the researchers find this wonderful and cute statistic?

Well, they sent a questionnaire to an international base of cat owners. The results threw up five distinct features of cats:

  • Skittishness
  • Affability
  • Dominance
  • Spontaneity
  • Friendliness

Are you wondering why sometimes you are not able to understand your little cat? Or probably you wonder why two of your cats don’t really get along?

Understanding the cat personalities can immensely help to make adjustments around the house which may help your friend to be more at ease.

He may feel better and less stressed once you take certain steps after understanding his personality.

Hey, without further ado, let’s get to know the five distinct personality types.


  • The skittish one
  • The hunter
  • I am a human-‘Cat’
  • Shy being
  • Everybody’s friend

Are you able to relate to your own cats and see some similarities?




The Skittish One

The skittish ones can be highly anxious and run away when they spot any strangers.

They think of going underground and prefer running away to avoid facing a situation they don’t want to be in.

They feel most comfortable when they have little cubbyholes around the house where they can hide. Cardboard boxes are good for that. Forcing them to behave otherwise when they don’t want to be friendly can be detrimental.

So, just let them be.

Safety is a great motivator for them and helps them slowly come out of their shell.

The Outgoing Cat

Outgoing cats can be really inquisitive and investigative.

So, if you are not able to find your brand-new pair of suede shoes, it's probably your outgoing pet who is exploring it in a corner!

Sometimes, they may end up being destructive as well if they are not fully occupied in anything. They also adore chasing other pet cats.

Want to manage them and keep them busy? Your best bet can be getting plenty of different toys to keep their furry paws busy!


The Dominator

A dominant kitty can be almost a bully at times. Not tolerant of others, they do what they want to do at any time.

If you have a home with many cats, these can be the really cheeky ones who keep irritating the other furry ones.

Giving them their own toys and accessories can help to ease their dominating nature. It can also help them not to trouble the other cats in the house.

Placing their food and water bowls apart from each other is the best way of keeping the multiple cats far from each other and out of trouble.


The Natural Cat

Ok, so your natural cat is a cool one but can be really erratic at times.

If you happen to get his favourite food, each time his reaction can be different.

Yes, even to his food.

He takes uncertainty seriously and prefers to run away from the situation and then reacts at his own convenience.  He can be a bundle of energy and still on edge many times a day.

Avoid shouting or screaming at this natural cat as his behaviour can have an adverse impact if his anxiety level goes up too much.

Try to have planned activities throughout the day. Keep his routine of play, eating time planned as far as possible. A planned schedule will help him be more prepared for different events.


The Friendly Cat

Social - this one word aptly describes these feline friends.

They are friendly and social with other animals especially when they are a part of a multi-cat home. Most adjusting in nature, they would have been really friendly as kittens as well.

You would love to have them as your pets mainly due to less management that is needed. Any character changes in them should be thoroughly investigated by a veterinarian. 

 Celebrate their free-spirit and social nature by getting custom cat socks made for your sister who is a cat aficionado!

Blended or Single – Which Personality is it?

Just like humans, pet cats can be categorized into different personalities. And sometimes, cats may have blended personalities with a combination of one or two personality types.

Humans work the same way.

Understanding your kitty’s personality helps you to understand him better and put him at ease most of the times.

Your feline friend's personalities can be a combination of many different traits.

Level of alertness, curiosity, stability in the mood, friendliness and outgoing nature all contribute to the kitty's overall nature and help in understanding their individual personalities.

With diverse and remarkably different personalities, you would love to have more than one cats, I am sure!!


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