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Custom Pet Socks - Bringing You and Your Friend Together Forever

July 13, 2018

custom socks

custom socks

Do you frown on anyone who doesn’t respect your pets? Do you feel angry, sad and perhaps rejected when your pets are not allowed everywhere you go?

You have every right to frown and be angry because your pets are not just animals – they are your children.

But, the truth remains – society is not going to change its rules anytime soon. You will often be forced to keep your beloved pets back at home.

I have just the perfect solution for you 😊

Custom pet socks are the best way to carry your pet and their memories with you wherever you go!

Read on to know the answer…


You and Your Pet – Together Forever


That’s the dream every pet owner wishes to come true.

Though not really possible, there is definitely a way out. Even if you cannot take your pets everywhere physically, you can still be together. You can get yourself a pair of personalized pet socks.

What exactly is that? Your good old socks can be transformed into your personalized pet socks!

With your, super cute furry friend’ smiling face printed on it, won't your socks look smashing!

Your simple daily socks which you wear every day to work, visit the dentist or hang out with friends at a party will become so cool with your cute pet’s face or name printed on them.

Yes, that is entirely doable.

The cute and funny faces of your pooch printed on your socks will always remind you of them. Better yet, you can take a look at their faces whenever you want.


Why get Socks Customized?

Now you are hitting the right buttons! It is a great question, and we can think of at least three reasons why you should opt for pet socks custom made for you or anyone else. Okay, we see you are getting restless. So, here are the reasons:

  1. You get to take your pets anywhere you want… albeit, not physically. So, you never part with your friend. If you have multiple pets, you can have multiple pairs of custom printed pet socks.
  2. They make thoughtful gift items for those people who are insanely in love with their pets. For instance, you may be wondering what gift you should give to your sister who is practically inseparable from her cat. Can you think of a better alternative to a pair of customized cat socks?
  3. Lastly, these socks are absolutely adorable because your pet’s face will be on them. When your pet is so cute, how can the socks not be?

Which Pets Faces Can be Printed on the Socks?

Boy! You are inquisitive! We like it. Here is the answer to your question:

You can get the faces of the following pets printed:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Horses
  • Literally just any pet… furry, non-furry, scaly, winged…you just name it.

Psst… we don’t do Dinosaurs!! Our modern printers don’t like pre-history! Just kidding! You can’t get a dinosaur anyway.

Why Just Faces?

Actually, that’s a great thought.

We will ask you a return question – why not faces? Isn’t your pet’s face adorable? You know what? Faces make great design and so, we prefer faces when it comes to custom pet socks.


We are not rigid. You can even have a custom message with your pet’s name printed on your socks. It is your choice but again… we prefer those funny faces because even we can grab a smile or two when we look at them (being selfish you see).


How to Get Those Socks?

Get your own customized socks by taking just five simple steps to get socks with your pet on them. Promise! Here are the steps:

Step 1: Just grab your smartphone and click your pet’s super cute picture!

Or open up the camera section in your smartphone and snap up the pictures you clicked of your pet in the summer pool party last month!

Step 2: Just mail us or upload the picture on our website and take care to:

  • Send a high resolution and clear image with no distortions
  • Make sure to get a happy or smiling face of your cute pet, or a grumpy one if you prefer Hey, but seriously pick one which you absolutely adore!

Step 3: Choose your correct size and the fabric you prefer. You don’t want a loose or tight-fitting pair of socks, do you? If you are not so sure about the size, you can follow our size guide to get the exact one you need.

Step 4: Select the color you prefer. Ensure that the color of the socks you select fit well as the background for your pet’s body color. For any queries, our designers are always available to assist you!

Step 5: We just need your postal address and payment information to send you the perfect pair of pet socks exclusively crafted for you!

We thought the idea of socks with your cat’s face or dog’s face on it just made you too excited.

Get ready to be super comfortable as the socks would be ultra-soft and just the right size with oodles of cuteness !!

The super comfy pair of socks is made of quality material including polyester, spandex, cotton with fast colors. They don’t fade quickly.

These socks are engineered to perfection and are designed to last for a long time…longer than ordinary socks.


So, When Do We Meet Your Pet?


You know that you want these custom pet socks. So, what’s holding you back? Let today be your lucky day and get your hands on the cutest possession you could have!

We know very well how important your furry friends are in your life. Give us a chance to meet them and make your bond stronger by getting your personalized custom pet socks.


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