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9 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Dogs

September 14, 2019 3 min read

9 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Christmas is that time of year when you can have fun choosing gifts for the entire family, including your dog. 

But, are you lacking inspiration?

Not sure what to buy?

Do you want to find something a little different that your dog will truly love? If so, then carry on reading for our top picks on the best Christmas gifts that every dog, and owner, will love. 


1. A bubble machine


Dogs love to run and chase things. This usually means you throwing a ball or stick. But, another fun idea is that of bubbles. You can buy the traditional bubble wand, but for an extra special gift choose a brightly coloured bubble machine. You'll get more bubbles and it's less effort for you. 


2. A dog treat basket


Why not make your very own dog treat basket? Buy a simple wicker basket and fill it with all those things that your dog loves. Choose dog treats that are tasty and good for their teeth, a dog brush, blankets and their favourite dog food. A simple gift that they'll love. 


3. Glow in the dark dog collar


Every dog deserves a smart collar when out and about. Did you know that you can now buy glow in the dark collars? These come in a range of styles and colours so that you can colour coordinate your dog for every occasion. They also come in fun fluorescent greens and oranges, making them perfect for when you live outside of the big city. 


4. A special dog bowl


The humble dog bowl is no longer boring. You can now buy dog bowls for every day of the week and bowls with cute messages, such as 'The world's best dog'. For that extra special Christmas gift, why not treat your dog to a Christmas themed dog bowl to include them in the family festivities. These often feature pictures of reindeer, snowmen and some even light up and play tunes to get your canine friend into the festive spirit. 


5. The Christmas jumperdog-in-christmas-jacket 

Every member of the family needs a Christmas jumper and this includes your beloved dog. Dogs Christmas jumpers can be just like their owner's jumper, with images of snowballs, a snowman and even Santa. Keep your dog warm this wintertime in a fashionable woolly jumper. 


6. A comfy dog bed


Another great Christmas gift idea is to buy a comfy dog bed. These come in all shapes and sizes, colours and textures so that you can choose the perfect bed for your dog. Denim beds are a good choice as they are tough, durable and comfortable. Some beds also feature fun canopies and integrated fleecy blankets. 


7. A Santa outfit


It's always great fun to dress your dog during the festive season, so why not buy them a cute Santa outfit. These red and white outfits often come with a Santa hat and a soft black Santa belt. Another option is to go for a reindeer outfit that includes a set of dog antlers. 


8. The squeaky toy


What dog doesn't like a squeaky toy? You simply can't go wrong with this gift. Buy a selection of squeaky dog toys in a variety of colours and shapes. Buy themed toys that look like chicken legs and even snowballs. Your dog will have endless hours of fun. 


9. The dog raincoat


Does your dog hate getting wet? If the answer is yes then buy them a fun dog raincoat. This type of outfit is designed to snugly fit your dog, is reflective and often features images such as dog bones and dog paws. Your dog will look great and most importantly will stay dry, making it easier to keep them warm in the winter months.

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