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9 Super Cute Tricks to Teach Your Dog

July 23, 2018 3 min read

dog running with stick in mouth

dog running with stick in mouth

Come, sit, stay, down, probably these are the commands which come to mind when you want to teach your dog, aren't they?

Well, training a dog can be much more than that.

Hey, that’s important.  Why not go above the ordinary and get your furry friend to do some cool tricks? 

Teaching a Dog to Do Tricks

Doing simple tricks can be fun for a dog and great stimulation for his brain. Yeah, you can get your beloved pooch to show off a few tricks for your friends too!

That’s a sweet bonus!!

Let’s see which tricks we can teach our dog to perform:

Shake Paws

A couple of short sessions and your pet can be a master at this trick in literally minutes!

Get your dog to shake hands with your friends. Oh, I meant paws!!

This is a simple dog trick which will impress your friends!


Back Up

Back up is an amazing trick which can be pretty beneficial as a skill for a dog to have.

Just train him to go a few paces back when you say the command ’Back Up’.

This backup command can help him from running outside the house, not jumping at you when you are eating something or even staying away from the refrigerator.

It is simple to teach him this which needs your time and a couple of treats!


Take a Bow


Yeah, wouldn’t your girlfriend just love it!

Bowing is something which comes naturally to dogs.

It is easy to teach them this trick in which your pet touches his chest on the ground and his rear high up in the air.


Have you ever seen two dogs playing together? Then you would have seen them bow to each other while playing as well!

It is also known as a play bow, a gesture in which they invite other dogs to come and play with them.



This one is cool, easy to do and teach too!
Wouldn’t you love it if your pooch says bye with a wave each morning when you leave the house for school, university or work?

Training your dogto shake paws is important and a prerequisite. Once he can comfortably shake paws, teach him to wave.



Yeah, your sweet little mutt can speak too if you train him well!

It is great fun to teach a dog to speak, and it helps to lessen his barking as well.

Speak can be taught as a command in which the dog makes noises or even gestures but doesn’t bark.

Th best part is once you teach him to speak, you can even control his barking times and intensity by talking to him.



Spin is a wonderful technique to teach your dog.

Just hold a treat near his nose and tempt him to go round and round.

He will likely do this automatically as he is simply following the treat’s smell.

You can even teach him variations by going long in one direction or teaching him the specific directions like left or right.


Give Kiss

Training your pup to give kisses can be too cute to handle!

So, the next time anyone wants a wet, licky doggie smooch, ask your beloved pooch to show off his skills. Kids would simply love it!

Teaching this is also fun! Just rub a small treat on your cheek and your dog would follow you so that he can lick it off!!



A bit difficult to teach, but it can be done for all dogs.

Wouldn’t you just love it when your dog sits on his hind legs and begs for a treat?


Roll Over

Rolling over is a great activity for a dog and makes for great exercisetoo!

You can train him to roll over in small bits and then roll over.

Teaching him to play dead can be done once he knows how to roll over.


Play Dead

Impress your friends by just lifting a finger and blowing it into the air like a gun and say bang.

Your dog will fall to the floor to continue the act and play dead.


Do these lovely tricks and keep your dog in top shape! The fun element of teaching your dog and impressing your friends are cute bonuses to have!



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