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7 Wonderful Water Based Activities for Dogs Who are Water Babies

August 12, 2018

dog playing in the water

Some furbabies can be water babies.

In fact, you may mistake dogs to be cousins of fish, that’s how attracted some dogs are to water. They would love to keep swimming in the pool all day if you would let them be.

Here, we have curated some water activities for you and your beloved pooch to have fun with in the summer and beat the heat!


Backyard Activities

Backyard is one of the most accessible places where you can have fun with water. Both convenient and familiar, you canine friend would absolutely love playing in the backyard with water sprinklers and pipes.

You don’t need to worry about anyone else sauntering in or disturbing anyone else.  Just walk up, and you can have fun in the summer heat.

Adding a few accessories like dog toys, water sprinkler, kiddie pool, few towels and loads of fun will make it an evening to remember.

Make your own rules in your backyard.

You can play in the sprinklers and try to catch each other. You can hose him down if there is no sprinkler present.

Why not bath your pooch? Making a game of bathing in the backyard will be so cooling and refreshing, your dog is simply going to love it.

Use the toys to play with and use a washtub if you would like. Use water guns and run around and round in the yard.

Let him splash around in the kiddie pool to his heart’s content. Once he is done and wants to come out, lay down a towel for him to sit back and relax.


The dogs that love water, mostly adore swimming in the pet-friendly pools, lake and creeks. Make sure that he is happy and safe when in the water.

If he experiences any sign of discomfort, take care and bring him out of the water as soon as possible. Do go through the canine safety tips to make sure he is safe in the water.

Diving Dog

Which dog doesn’t like to play fetch? The Diving dog is another variation of the Fetch game. In this sport, you can throw a toy in the water, while your pooch waits and watches.

After you are done, he can jump into the water to get his toy back. Diving dog now is a full-fledged sport with an American Kennel Club Title to boot!


Wow, this one is extremely popular! Do you know that annual surf dog competitions are now the norm? Get your dog on the path to becoming a fabulous surfer with adequate practice.

Search and Rescue

Search, and rescue is a wonderful way of mixing a sport with humanity. Why not teach your dog to rescue people who may be drowning which is so compatible with his skillset of swimming?


Boating is the age-old activity which becomes super exciting with your adorable dog on board. Dogs love being on a boat and watching around. A life jacket is mandatory for your pooch even if he is an expert swimmer.


Paddleboarding is a fantastic activity which you and your canine friend can do together.

Once you are an experienced paddle boarder, you can certainly go ahead and get your friend aboard. If not, probably you can try out the other activities. Your pooch will require a dog jacket for this activity.

Make Your Choice

You may pick your own backyard or visit a nearby swimming pool, with so many activities to choose from, you are guaranteed to have fun!




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